1. Fill out an online form.

2. Wait for the preliminary verification of your complaint. You will be informed about next steps to take via email.

3. If your complaint is verified, please, send us the product that is non-complaint with the agreement to our address.

4. Once we receive the product, we will inform you within 14 days (via email) about the manner the complaint is processed.

! Products purchased for promotional prices cannot be returned.

! The cost of delivery of a product non-complaint with the agreement shall be borne by the Customer.

! COD packages will not be received.

Check complaint status

Please enter complaint number and click "check" button.

Instructions for packing a parcel with claimed goods for Clarena.

1. Put the goods into the corresponding cardboard box

Choose a proper box suited to the size and weight of the contents, to make sure that the consignment will reach us safely and in good condition

2. Fill up blank space and secure the cardboard

Seal the consignment with wide packing tape to secure the package from random opening during the transport.
You can strengthen the box with stretch foil or food wrap additionally.
By doing this you can be sure that the cardboard box will be preserved for the whole distance from you to Clarena.

3. Write down the contact details of the recipient

Remember that the parcel should be labelled with the name of recipient, his address, phone number and claim number.

4. Done!

Additional information:
Before packing the equipment, make sure that it isn’t dirty. Do not wrap wires around the working head and secure the display with bubble foil. Try to place and secure the parts of the devices in such way that they will not damage the advertised equipment during the transport additionally.


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